Flagstaff Festival of Science Explores ‘Life in the Extreme’

From the darkest oceans to deep space, into the frigid ice caps and across blistering deserts, the 2013 Flagstaff Festival of Science will explore Life in the Extreme, Sept. 20 – 29, 2013. Leading the free 10-day adventure is planetary explorer and Mars rover boss Professor Steve Squyres.

“Flagstaff has long held a critical role in our country’s successful space exploration program,” said USGS planetary geologist Dr. Kenneth Herkenhoff.

“Our scientists map the moon, Mars and other objects in our solar system and helped the Apollo astronauts train for their historic missions on the kind of volcanic terrain they could expect on their moon walks,” said USGS emeritus scientist Dr. Larry Soderblom.

“You can’t get a cup of coffee in Flagstaff without bumping into a scientist,” said National Public Radio ScienceFriday Host Ira Flato. The Festival will be featuring those world-class scientists, organizations and discoveries as lab doors and telescopes are opened for thousands during this free annual event.

Support from businesses, organizations and individuals makes the award-winning Flagstaff Festival of Science possible as the nation’s longest running science festival. Supernova Friends of the Festival include the City of Flagstaff BBB tax revenues, Flagstaff Cultural Partners, Northern Arizona University, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, the Flagstaff Community Foundation, W. L. Gore & Associates, Science Foundation Arizona and the Stardust Foundation.

See the Festival’s Website to download the program of events

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