New short-term rental law leads to evictions

A month ago, Jeff Brumbaugh received something that came as quite a shock — an eviction notice taped to his door.

For the last year and a half, Brumbaugh and his wife have been living at the Royal Crest Apartments, a 16-unit complex [both one and two-bedroom units] on Sombart Lane off State Route 179. Compared to many who have been renting there for 10 years or more, the Brumbaughs were relative newcomers.

“In July we all had a letter taped to our front doors announcing that the complex had been sold,” he said. “We were the only ones who still had a lease contract — everyone else was already month to month. Then, on Aug. 29, we all got another letter stating that we had to be out by Oct. 31 because they were turning the complex into daily and weekly rentals.”

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Source:: Sedona News


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