Major Life Transformations

I’ve talked about the August 21 Solar Eclipse several times with the indication that our lives would be changing tremendously, more than ever before.

You, like I, probably watched the experience of day turning to night during that eclipse, even if on television. We’ve seen and experienced huge hurricanes, earthquakes and fires, realizing how it has shaken up the lives of so many.
Have you gotten your life-changing indication? Often it feels surprising, out of the blue, even shocking at first.
I received mine, which will pan out within months. I’ve Read for someone who lost their home, revealing how their new chosen home and environment is going to be more wonderful in many ways.
I’ve Read for someone who was in despair at the same old work grind and low income, when she has decades of experience. Surprise, a phone call from someone who can raise her up, wanting to meet with her, specifically, while in town to meet with officials. The meeting was to be on the very day her most fortunate period of the year began.
Destiny and divine timing. Astrology is the farthest thing from randomness. Another Reading’s question was about their highest purpose, and when revealing that to the client, I was told an invitation to do the particular service had already been proposed, and of great interest.
Sometimes we question what shows up, and can use spiritual validation. The bottom line is to trust in that higher, loving guidance we are made of. And to know time is divine and not ours to control. Breathe, allow non-judgmental, unconditional love, bliss, and enjoy.
You have to believe in joy first, to allow it as often as you might. That, in itself, might be a major transformation for you.
Love from Rachel Star of Sedona
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Source:: Sedona News


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